Caring For Life

We help people of all ages, with a special focus on pediatrics, and pregnancy.

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Mon/Wed/Thur 7:00am-11:00am and 1:30pm-5:30pm
Tues 1:30pm-5:30pm
Fri/Sat/Sun Closed

Wellness care for the entire family.

A Warm and Loving Chiropractic environment for the entire Family, from mom and newborns to young children and teens, and we didn’t forget about dads. We have created our office for the entire family to experience Healing and Vitality, with Compassionate Personalized A+ Care to Ignite Your Family’s Maximum Potential! Experience the ABQ Family Chiropractic difference where caring, inspiration, and empowerment are vital to achieving optimal health and vitality. We believe every person deserves to be treated like a part of our family.

Wellness Care for the Entire Family.

Chiropractic Health Care Provider

As Albuquerque’s leading prenatal and pediatric chiropractic expert, we welcome you and your little ones to a beautiful five star experience to spark  your family’s potential. We specialize in family wellness with an emphasis in maternal and pediatric care. Our office is set apart from other experiences, not only in expertise and knowledge, but by the personal attention, passion and individualized care we provide with each visit.

Whether you are trying to conceive, expecting a baby, experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, already leading a healthy lifestyle or simply looking for more for you and your children’s life, we are here to help.

We’ve got what you and your family need to get well and stay well. ABQ Family Chiropractic is accustomed to working with all members of your family, from infants just hours old, to spectrum and sensory kiddos, pregnant mamas as well as parents alike. We look forward to helping you through challenges and celebrations including seeing your families and little ones grow year after year!

A Welcoming Environment.

We are a friendly and welcoming place. Our practice members say it feels much more like a coffee bar than a doctor’s office. From your very first visit, we will call you by your first name, and will greet you warmly every time you arrive. Our “open” adjusting style adds to our friendly vibe, as it allows you to get to know our staff and other practice members. Our children’s area is adorned with colorful, hand-painted murals.

Our solutions

New Members

Welcome to ABQ Family Chiropractic! Our friendly environment is the ideal place to begin on the path to optimal wellness.  Safe and natural chiropractic care can help your entire family experience optimal health.

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Prenatal Chiropractic

Chiropractic offers one of the best ways to keep your body healthy during pregnancy? Chiropractic care helps to transmit neurological information to your baby which helps to promote a safe birth.

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Meet Dr. Uphold

Dr. Phil feels that his greatest professional success is his work with kids, and is proud that his practice has grown over the years to be a place that truly focuses on kids and families.

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