Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Neck pain affects many people in America and around the world. If you bend your neck a lot to use your phone, sit for many hours every day, or have poor posture, you are likely to experience neck pain.

Statistics show that over 30 percent of adults in America experience neck pain every year. Additionally, 50 to 70 percent of these individuals may continue to experience long-term, impairing neck pain throughout their lives. Chiropractors help relieve neck pain by readjusting bones in your spine and easing stress in the neck muscles.

Why Should You See a Chiropractor for Your Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a serious problem that can affect your lifestyle and the way you perform your daily tasks. So, if you are feeling pain in your neck and think you should visit your chiropractor, you are on the right path. Here are reasons you should visit a chiropractor.

Your Chiropractor Will Assess Your Neck

Your chiropractor will look at your neck as a whole to check how far the pain extends and whether the regions surrounding the neck are also affected.

Before deciding which method to use to treat your neck pain, your chiropractor will do a thorough test to find out what is causing your neck pain. Here, your chiro will look at your posture, how you sit, how you walk, as well as how your spine looks.

Additionally, your chiropractor will check your medical history and may take an X-ray or an MRI scan to help identify the root of your neck pain. These tests will give your chiro more details about your neck pain and rule out neck pain problems that need surgery.

If your chiropractor believes your condition will need surgery, he or she will refer you to a spinal surgeon. But if the results from the exam and scans show that chiropractic care can treat your neck pain, your chiro will create a suitable care plan for you.

Your Chiropractor Will Use Gentle Treatment Methods

Chiropractic treatment is not invasive as it does not usually involve surgery. Instead, your chiro will use gentle massages to realign your spine and treat your neck muscles. This form of treatment may include:

  • Trigger-point treatment to relieve tight, painful spots on your neck.

  • Massage therapy to help relax stiff neck muscles.

  • Soft tissue therapy uses special tools to ease muscle strain.

  • Neck adjustments (cervical manipulation) to help relieve pain when you turn your neck. It also helps prevent the neck pain from getting worse. Neck adjustments can also help ease the neck discomfort caused by neck strains, pinched nerves, and neck muscle spasms.

Your chiropractor may also perform a spinal adjustment using tools that gently move your spinal column into its correct position. This can help relieve neck pain caused by poor posture.

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