Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Children?

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Children?

The demand for complementary and alternative treatments is increasing. This trend is creating new challenges for physicians. As a parent, you may be considering integrating alternative therapies into your child’s treatment. But before you do so, learn about the different forms of alternative treatments available. Determine the safety and effectiveness of any option you may be considering.


Should You Take Your Child to a Chiropractor?


Anyone can receive treatment from a chiropractor. Most licensed and experienced chiropractors will see children under 18 years old. Some even treat kids as young as one year old. 


Generally, chiropractors perform medication-free, non-invasive, and safe treatment that makes it perfectly safe for children. Complications linked with chiropractic therapy for kids are rare. There are yet to be reported and confirmed deaths associated with this form of treatment. Some health experts even consider it one of the safest forms of therapy available for various childhood health conditions.


Is Pediatric Chiropractic Care Safe for Children?


Are you considering chiropractic care for your little one? If so, you should first determine whether it is safe. Typically, pediatric chiropractic therapies only involve gentle massages. In most cases, young children rarely notice or experience any discomfort. 


The spinal manipulations and adjustments tend to be quite gentle. Any pressure the chiropractor applies involves the use of soft and delicate hands. With the help of an experienced and skilled pediatric chiropractor, the treatment should be relatively safe for your child. However, remember that complications and risks are still possible. Therefore, do everything possible to find a reputable and reliable chiropractor near you.


Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Care


Birth can be a traumatic event for an infant’s spine. It can cause illness in babies, the reason many experts recommend chiropractic therapy for infants. Pediatric chiropractors aim to treat and improve a child’s overall wellness and health as they age. 


A chiropractor can play a huge role in treating and caring for several infant problems. These include issues related to breastfeeding and trouble latching. This therapy can also address problems such as undeveloped digestive systems, ear infections, and misaligned spines. You should address such issues early to ensure that your baby is thriving.  


Other Reasons to Take Your Child to a Chiropractor


Other reasons to take your little one to a chiropractor include:


Adjusting Misaligned Vertebrae


Giving birth is often challenging and complex for both the mother and baby. An infant is in a confined and cramped space in the womb as the pregnancy progresses. That is why some newborns come out with minor spinal misalignments. Fortunately, chiropractic care can help restore a baby’s spine to its ideal position.


Faster Post-Birth Recovery


When you give birth naturally, the pressure can harm your baby’s spine. Studies suggest that the process can involve as much as 70 pounds of pressure on the baby’s neck and head. This situation can cause injury to the baby’s joints and nerves. However, most newborns heal on their own. 


In other cases, chiropractic care can help when it comes to faster and more efficient recovery. A pediatric chiropractor will perform simple adjustments to alleviate the pressure on the infant’s spine and stomach. That will allow their digestive and nervous systems to function correctly. 


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