Signs and Symptoms You May Be Out of Alignment

Signs and Symptoms You May Be Out of Alignment

Your spine is a highly intricate structure made of joints, discs, vertebrae, and nerves. It provides structural support and protects your spinal cord. It also enables flexible motion, making it possible for you to perform movements.


Despite its immense contributions to your life, your spine is also susceptible to dysfunction. Your spine can suffer from subluxation or misalignment due to forces that impact it. These forces could be physical like experiencing a fall, or chemicals in nature, such as calcium deficiency or tension from stress. If you are wondering if you have a spinal subluxation, you are in the right place. Read on to learn more about the signs and symptoms that you may be out of alignment.


When to Visit a Chiropractor


As you go about your everyday routine, pay attention to the most common indicators of misalignment. Here are just a few:


  1. Chronic Pain. Many people suffer from crippling migraine, backaches, stiff neck, joint pain, and sore or tender spots in their muscles. Some even suffer from a limited range of motion, finding it difficult to turn their heads or hips due to pain. There are various reasons why a person could be experiencing these kinds of discomfort, including a misaligned spine. People who have these issues tend to use pain relievers without knowing that their case may not necessarily call for medications at all.


  1. Unusual Sensations on Your Hands and Feet. Numbness or tingling in these areas often stems from compressed or irritated nerves. A chiropractic adjustment will help reduce the pressure arising from pinched nerves. This can give you relief from such discomfort.


  1. Weak Immune Response. Do you catch the summer cold, have the flu during winter, or have other viruses time and again? Susceptibility to infections is a warning sign that your immune system is not optimal. As you may already know, your central nervous system controls pretty much everything in your body. It serves as the primary communication between your body and the immune system. Once your spine is out of alignment, the signals may not be clearly received, or the connection could be blocked. Chiropractic care can help restore the lines of communication, leading to a much better immune response.


Other signs of spine misalignment include poor posture, having the urge to crack your joints. Further, it might also be time to drop by your chiropractor if one of your legs seems shorter than the other, and the heels of your shoes appear to wear out unevenly. Poor concentration, fatigue, and an overall sense of not feeling right also indicate that your spine is not aligned.


Are you experiencing any of these signs and symptoms? Whether you are looking for relief or simply want to stay proactive, it would be great to check with a chiropractor and see how you can restore or improve your quality of life. Visit ABQ Family Chiropractic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, today. Call our clinic at (505) 658-0300 to schedule your consultation.

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