The Perfect Storm: Anxiety, ADHD & Autism

The Perfect Storm: Anxiety, ADHD & Autism

Dear Parents,

We know finding answers regarding your child’s behavioral challenges, focus, and sensory issues can be tough! ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder can lead to a constant battle for your child and you, both at home and at school. You might even be worried about meltdowns and tantrums when you go out in the community.

From early on it’s likely you’ve had that “gut” feeling that something just isn’t right, but you can’t figure it out.

We are so excited to bring to you, Pediatric Expert, Dr. Phil Uphold, for a live event that will discuss every element of the “Perfect Storm” your kiddo may be stuck in.

During this workshop, Dr. Phil will explore the missing pieces that seemingly nobody is talking about.

We’re putting on this event because we know that parents in our community need hope, answers, and action steps that can help their child.

If that’s what you’ve been searching for, then don’t miss this event happening on Monday, June 17th at 6pm at ABQ Family Chiropractic.

IMPORTANT: You are not alone! Since 2008, this series of “Perfect Storm” workshops have been helping thousands of families. There has been a growing demand, so that’s why our office and the National Wellness Foundation stepped up to make it happen!

After hearing a recent presentation on this topic, one mom shared:

“It was so therapeutic to connect with other parents and doctors who ‘get it’ and had answers. Being in a special needs situation can be socially isolating especially when you’re new to the area. Last night I felt like I found my tribe.” – Jen. P

Joining the 3 A’s of the Perfect Strom is super easy. You’ll be able to register here on EventBrite. Dr. Phil also understands that your life can get a little crazy so he will jump right in and start on time. Plan on the workshop lasting 60 minutes and at the end, he will share resources you’ll want to know about!


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