Top Exercises That Improve Posture and Reduce Back Pain

Top Exercises That Improve Posture and Reduce Back Pain

Human beings work and play much differently now than they did thousands of years ago. As people have changed how they do activities, posture has become an ever-increasing issue. This tendency to have poor posture leads to chronic back pain for many.


In many cases, people are far more sedentary than ever before. Technology also has a hand in people’s poor posture. Looking down at a computer or cellphone for extended periods creates tension and back pain. But people can incorporate a few simple exercises into their daily routines that help combat poor posture and back pain. Here are a few techniques to try.


Why Posture Matters


First of all, it’s important to understand what good posture is and why it matters. Many people don’t understand how it can lead to chronic back pain. A lot of things contribute to poor posture, including:

  • Slouching.
  • Weak core muscles.
  • Standing incorrectly or unevenly.
  • No exercise routine.


Poor posture leads to misalignment in the spinal column and abnormal wear and tear on some joints. It can also bring the shoulders forward, causing them to round. It can cause a person to habitually lean forward or to one side, and this misalignment causes pain for many.


Do This for Good Posture


People who sit in office chairs for work can do this quick stretch to help with posture. Sitting sideways in the chair, they can grasp their hands with interlocked fingers and straightened arms, and raise them to where it feels tight but not painful. Repeat this several times.


A good, strong core is key. Modified planks can build up core muscle. A plank is when a person positions themselves as if to do a push-up but holds themselves in place. They can do this with their hands or forearms on the ground. Holding this position for longer and longer periods will build up core strength.


These Things Will Help with Back Pain


Aerobic exercise is great for whole-body health but can exacerbate back pain if not done with care. Exercises like swimming that take pressure off the body are great for getting that aerobic workout with less stress on a sore back.


Pilates and yoga can also help with back pain since people can modify the simple exercises to accommodate their ability by altering the stretch or incorporating adaptive props.


Other helpful things to try are hamstring stretches, pelvic tilts, and wall sits. Core exercises that do not cause a person to strain his or her neck will help develop the muscle needed to support the body.


The Benefits of Calling an Expert


People can do stretches and exercises that are simple yet effective at home. But it can be hard to know if you’re doing them correctly. Often people struggle because they are already out of alignment and don’t know they need an adjustment. Chiropractors can do an adjustment to help correct these issues and then show you which exercises are best for your particular situation.


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