What Is the Webster Technique and Why Is It Good for Pregnancy?

What Is the Webster Technique and Why Is It Good for Pregnancy?

Wondering whether your baby is in the right position for birth? Babies typically start to drop into the pelvis and get to position for delivery two to four weeks before birth. The best position for birth is the headfirst position. This is when a baby’s head turns down in the uterus and is ready to come out. But sometimes the baby can be in a feet-first or a bottom-first position. This is termed a breech baby, a breech position, or breech birth.

Roughly three to four percent of all pregnancies will result in a breech baby. As a result, more and more pregnant patients are turning to chiropractors to address concerns that may cause breech births. One particular method that chiropractors use to address these issues is the Webster technique.

What Is the Webster Technique?

The Webster technique is a gentle bone and muscle tuning that brings the pelvis into line and allows it to work correctly during pregnancy and delivery. The technique reduces tension in the muscles around the lower back that pregnant moms frequently experience. This creates a perfect environment where the baby can grow and move. 

During the treatment, an expectant mom rests on her tummy with the care of a pregnancy pillow. Then the chiropractor continually adjusts the pillow as the mother’s tummy fine-tunes to create more room for the baby. Additionally, the chiropractor adjusts the mother’s spine as desired, using a special tool for better accuracy and reducing the soreness from the adjustment process. 

Toward the end of the therapy, the expectant mom turns onto her back. This way, the chiropractor can check her pubic bone, look for any misalignment, and address it. The last step of the treatment minimizes any tension in the muscles that hold the uterus in place, which may be causing pain. Or it could be causing one side of the hip to rotate more than the other, resulting in a condition called uterine or pelvic torsion.

Why Is It Good for Pregnancy?

The Webster technique is gentle, safe, and comfortable for both mom and baby, helping pregnant moms to:

Have a More Relaxed Pregnancy

The technique helps adjust the pelvis for the baby to get enough room to grow and move. This adjustment relieves moms from the tension that occurs as the baby grows and the tummy adjusts to make room. This way, moms experience less back and leg pain and become comfortable throughout their pregnancies. 

Help Their Babies Get Into Optimal Birth Positions

The Webster technique aims to prevent breech births and intervene if a baby fails to get into headfirst position before delivery. It achieves this in the most pain-free way possible, and it is not invasive at all.

Have an Easier Delivery

Along with solving breech births, the Webster technique eases birth canal problems such as narrow space. Also, you may be less likely to have a surgical birth, averting the risks associated with C-sections.

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