When to See a Chiropractor During Pregnancy?

When to See a Chiropractor During Pregnancy?

Have you ever been pregnant? Perhaps your partner or someone you know has. If so, you must already be familiar with the symptoms associated with pregnancy. These include morning sickness, fatigue, and frequent urination. Your body undergoes many physical and physiological changes during pregnancy. This is to create the healthiest possible environment for your growing baby.

It’s common to experience pelvic and back pain, which increases every passing month. Studies reveal that 75 percent of women had to endure this during their pregnancy. Since painkillers are off the table, how can you find relief from this pain? Is it safe to turn to chiropractic medicine? Here are the times when seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy may be an excellent idea:


You Want to Reduce Morning Sickness


Nausea and vomiting are some of the most common early pregnancy symptoms. They can be uncomfortable and challenging to endure. A skilled chiropractor can help ease morning sickness by realigning your spine. They can also improve your nervous system function. So, your hormones can have a healthier balance, thus reduce or get rid of your morning sickness. Do you think the discomfort is due to constipation? Chiropractic medicine can also enhance your digestive function and lessen nausea.


You Want an Easier Labor and Delivery


Nobody wants excruciating hours-long labor and birthing process. Regular visits to your chiropractor ensure proper spinal alignment. Spinal adjustments also help guarantee that your nerves are in their best condition. The nerves control the contractions and dilation of your cervix. This means that optimal nerve health can help with faster and easier labor and delivery. Pregnant women who are particularly interested in experiencing natural childbirth with no medicines will find chiropractic medicine beneficial.


You Seek Relief from Back Pain


Your body releases a hormone called relaxin as your body prepares for the birthing process. This peptide hormone is best known for its role during the latter part of pregnancy. In particular, relaxin has a softening effect on your pelvic ligaments. This helps prepare your birth canal for the impending delivery. But, this process may cause you to experience instability and pain in your spine. This can occur as the ligaments and other supporting structures loosen and become more fragile. Seeing a chiropractor can help alleviate back pain stemming from the natural production of relaxin. Similarly, chiropractic care can resolve discomfort due to postural problems caused by a growing belly. Many women unintentionally curve their backs as their babies develop and become heavier. This reaction can result in misalignment and trigger back pain. Spinal adjustments can also help ensure proper curvature to keep the pain at bay.


You may consult a qualified chiropractor during your pregnancy, provided that you have received the green light from your obstetrician. Many pregnant women seek chiropractic care at the beginning of their first trimester. Developing a relationship with an experienced practitioner early on will help you with your journey to motherhood as your body goes through numerous changes.


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