Yard Work and Gardening - Alleviate Muscle Pain

Yard Work and Gardening - Alleviate Muscle Pain

Yard work and gardening activities are enjoyable and beneficial to the mind and body. They refresh your body physically and mentally with the exercise you get from it. But like any other exercise, these activities can result in aches, pains, and injury.

You will feel happy when you see your flowers and other plants grow and bloom. But the activities that yield these refreshing results will leave your muscles sore and in pain. So, how do you alleviate this muscle pain?

Before Yard Work and Gardening


Before yard work or gardening, engage in the following activities to prevent severe aches and pains.

Stretches and Exercises


Yard work and gardening are forms of physical exercise, so do some stretches and simple warm-up exercises. Help your muscles acclimatize to the activities you are going to do.

Ergonomic Tools


Look for gardening tools that are efficient and comfortable to use. Do not get into your gardening activities before you ensure your safety. You can get some tutorials online. They will help you make your tools more efficient and comfortable to use.

Shorten Outdoor Activities


You do not have to do all your yard work and gardening in one day. You can spread out the activities over several days. It will ensure that you do not overwork your body while getting some time to rest and rejuvenate. If you need to take rest days, do it.

Think Containers


You do not need to plant all your flowers and plants in the ground. You can also use containers. It is an efficient way to make your work easier. You will avoid strenuous bending that can result in neck and back pain.

Another way you can make your containers lighter is by using Styrofoam peanuts. You can put them in the bottom third of the container you intend to plant on your flowers or herbs. The other advantage of containers is that you can move them around for aesthetic purposes.

Raise Your Platforms


Apart from using containers, you can also raise your platforms. You can do this by repurposing old furniture. Old tables and dressers can work efficiently as platforms for your potted plants. These platforms will not require you to bend excessively.

After Yard Work and Gardening


After the day’s activities, you may feel sore and achy. The feeling may subside after a day or two, but you can help speed up the process. Take a day to rest. Allow your body to heal itself. You will also give your body time to focus its resources on repairing your muscles. Taking rest is not laziness. It is a reset, allowing you to get back to your activities stronger. You will also get better results when you rest.

Use an ice pack to speed up the recovery process as you are resting. You should wrap it around the areas with aches and pains for 10 minutes. Do these three times a day for the first 48 hours. You can then swap it for a heating pad or hot towel. Use these on the areas that have aches and pains. Repeat the process up to three times a day for 48 hours.

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