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Natural Colic Treatment In Albuquerque

ABQ Family Chiropractic Can Help Your Little One

All babies cry, but if your baby cries a lot, it could be colic. While there is no definitive cause for colic, there is a natural treatment – pediatric chiropractic care. In fact, a recent study found that 94% of colicky babies showed improvement with chiropractic adjustments. ABQ Family Chiropractic specializes in helping babies and children live their best lives through natural chiropractic care and has great success in treating infant colic. Dr. Uphold uses gentle, modified techniques on infants, with the amount of pressure equal to checking a tomato for ripeness. Many babies experience immediate relief and often rest in their mother’s arms afterward, completely content.

You can help your baby feel better and cry less. Call us at (505) 343-6120 now!

Natural Colic Treatment In {PJ}

How Chiropractic Helps Colic

A chiropractic adjustment restores motion to the baby’s joints and eliminates any pain that may have resulted from irritated nerves. Irritated nerves can also cause disturbances to the stomach, intestines and other abdominal organs causing gas to build up in the intestines.

Affordable Chiropractic Care For Growing Families

We believe in offering care that’s not only effective and custom built around your needs, but also affordable. At ABQ Family Chiropractic, we’re proud to offer a $99 New Patient Special including includes exam, neurological study, X-rays (if needed), report of findings and 1st adjustment. We also offer exclusive family pricing. Call us at (505) 343-6120 for details!

We Are Your Natural Wellness Resource

Dr. Phil recognizes that being a new parent means sometimes having questions or concerns outside of scheduled visits, and even outside of business hours. He is accessible via his personal cell phone (call or text) and via email.

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We Can Help Calm Your Baby’s Colic

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