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New patient getting an x-ray

New Practice Members

Welcome to ABQ Family Chiropractic! Our friendly environment is the ideal place to begin on the path to optimal wellness.

Your First Visit

During their first visit, prospective practice members will discuss their health goals with Dr. Phil and will undergo orthopedic and neurological testing. The testing includes use of the INSIGHT™ system, a leading-edge scanning technology which provides a comprehensive analysis of the spine and nervous system.

Your Second Visit

During the second visit, the prospective practice member will again meet with Dr. Phil, who will review the results of the tests and provide recommendations. If the tests show that an adjustment is needed, the first adjustment will take place during this visit. The financial aspects of becoming a practice member will be reviewed, and a schedule of visits will be set up.

Subsequent Visits

Ongoing visits are quick and efficient. A full re-examination is typically conducted every 12 weeks.

If you’re ready to live a healthier life, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

New Practice Members | (505) 343-6120