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Chiropractic Helps My Sons! – Ruth L

My son Justin was born in 2004 by cesarean section. It did not go as the doctor had planned, and I know they did struggle, as he was much bigger than they thought he would be.

After long naps when I would pick him up from his crib or bed, Justin’s back would always snap and pop. We just assumed it was because he had been sleeping so long, and that he just needed to move around and stretch out.

Justin always had a slight cough, as well as frequent ear infections. He was always on one kind of antibiotic or another, often, without success for long.

Justin was always tired. When we would go on walks or bike rides, we would end up having to carry Justin most of the time. We even had a wagon that he could sleep in when we went on outings.

In 2008, Justin was having another new issue. He had “orange oil” in his diaper, so once again, we took him to his primary. We were thinking he had food allergies, and that we could just remove something out of his diet and all would be well.
She set up testing for Cystic Fibrosis. On Friday, June 13, 2008, Justin was diagnosed with CF.

In short, Cystic Fibrosis is an ugly disease with no cure. It used to be called a children’s disease, because most never lived past childhood. It causes the body to create thick, sticky mucus that clogs up the lungs and digestive system. Most people with CF end up needing lung transplants. There are still so many that never even make it to transplant. Today, the average life expectancy is in the early 40’s.

I had just started going to a chiropractor, and had called in to cancel my treatments. I had decided that I wanted to use everything I had, to focus on my son’s health.

The chiropractor asked if he could do some x-rays on Justin to see if there was anything that he could help with. That afternoon, the chiropractor called us in to see the results.

Justin had no curve in his neck and right below his lungs, his spine was veering off 3 to 4″.
That afternoon, Justin had his first adjustment.

That evening, we took a walk to grandpa and grandma’s house. Justin did something he had never done! He ran for three blocks without stopping! He even ran all the way back home! The only time he stopped was to pick up a rubber shark that he had thrown at his brother!

This was just the beginning! We started with two adjustments every week, as well as removing dairy out of his diet. He also started taking fish oil and probiotics.

Since 2008, Justin has had only a handful of ear infections and he is a healthy CF’er!

He has been playing football ever since as well! He is adjusted once a week now, and knows when he needs an adjustment.
Justin has his curve in his neck now, the way it should be, and his spine is right where it needs to be!

Both our boys see Dr. Phil, and will continue for as long as I have a say in it!

Ruth Lucero


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