Prenatal Chiropractic Care

​​​​​​​Being pregnant is a life event you will never forget.

At ABQ Family Chiropractic our goal is to ensure you have a healthy, comfortable, and safe pregnancy and birth. As a father of three Dr. Phil was there to support, coach and help deliver all of his children. Since then he has done the same for hundreds of mommies to be.

Safe, Comfortable Adjustments

Getting adjusted during pregnancy is the most important time in life to be under chiropractic care. Not only does getting adjusted during pregnancy help mom to feel amazing, by reducing morning sickness, reflux, low back pain, and sciatica. Specific Chiropractic adjustments help increase energy as mom sleeps better and more comfortably. It is also vital for the proper development of the baby. A mama that is stuck in stress mode can not be in growth and development at the same time. Chiropractic care helps to reduce the stress effect on the body and increase mama’s ability to adapt better, allowing her to provide the perfect place for her baby to grow to full term until they are ready for birth. We utilize the Insight Heart Rate Variability (HRV) study to ensure your body is maintaining proper stress balance.

chiropractor with pregnant patient

Giving Your Baby the Best Start Possible

We have seen a direct correlation over the past fifteen years. The amount of stress a mommy experiences during pregnancy the more interventions she will have throughout her pregnancy and during her delivery. Which correlates to our infant, toddler, child, or teen having a higher rate of sickness and illness leading, more medical procedures and prescriptions. It doesn’t have to be like this. The modern birth process is often one of the most traumatic events that a person will endure in their life. Unfortunately today, many health care providers choose to look at pregnancy as a “medical condition” rather than the incredibly safe and natural process that it is. A woman’s body is designed perfectly for the birth process, and difficulties typically only arise if mom is functioning at less than 100%.

Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care:

Comfort – Provides greater comfort during pregnancy
Labor – Reduces average labor times
Fetal – Encourages optimal fetal position through optimal pelvic alignment
Relief – Reduces neck, back & pelvic pain
​​​​​​​Natural – Supports natural labor & delivery

Webster Technique

Dr. Uphold has been certified since 2007 in the uses of the Webster Technique. Webster is a specific analysis and adjusting pregnancy technique which contains a three-prong approach (osseous, ligamentous and muscular) to allow optimal stability, strength, and alignment of the pelvis and uterus during pregnancy, labor & delivery.

This caring approach can aid in labor with reducing round ligament pain, uterine torsion and allows optimal space for baby’s growth and development during pregnancy as well as the optimal alignment for more ideal delivery outcomes!

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